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Mr. Average

Still musing without photographs to show, but soon, I hope – the first-ever 3mm scale game will hit the club I belong to this weekend in the form of Ogre Miniatures.

Another few reinforcements arrived the day before yesterday, and cheers to you, TB, for suggesting the M41/Dk.1 as a Combine Light Tank – superior to the original Walker Bulldog in terms of style. But that’s the great thing about the scale – you can do these experiments and not overcommit, financially, so small loss.  Worth a try at less than $5 a pack.

Oh and as a side note, I heartily endorse the O8 hex tiles. Nice, thick material (2mm) with a very good, precise edge cut. The cardboard is matte and not glossy, which should make builds possible with just a sparing amount of paint and white glue – I am as ever leery of warping in paper products, but at 10cm across I think the grain is short enough to keep this to a minimum. And it’s very inexpensive at $6 for ten tiles, so is ideal for experimenting, one-off projects and limited-use terrain sets.