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Rod Robertson

The War Panda:

I know this may be a difficult and abstract concept (far beyond the capacity of that diminutive sub-cranial acorn which rattles around in your skull and which you mistakenly consider to be your brain) but you need not trouble yourself with offending me. Your very existence offends me and indeed all creation and your every post, both positive and pejorative, is an annoying reminder of your existence and an object lesson in the concept of Irish inferiority and insecurity. Being of Scottish ancestry and Canadian birth, I am blessed to be part of the greatest Celtic lineage there ever was and to be born in the greatest country in which to live in these modern times. I have won the existential lottery which you have so dismally lost as you came into existence in Ireland, oh those many years ago.

Having said that, the report, the terrain and the figures you have displayed are excellent and prove that while your brain may be nonfunctional, your spinal cord and peripheral nervous system are functioning at an exemplary level.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.