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Piyan Glupak

Thanks George, I will browse the Pendraken website later.  I have a feeling that when I did an army in 10mm for a shared project we used Pendraken, but that would be a few years ago.

Thanks as well for the link to the blog.  Some really nice armies there.  It is clear  that you get more details than with 6mm that are noticeable at normal viewing and playing distance.  On the other hand, they don’t need as fancy a paint job as 15mm figures do.

6mm aren’t too bad to paint – I usually find it harder to do bigger figures because each figure needs more detail.  On the other hand, there is limited choice, and figures from different manufactures don’t often go together well.  My favourite manufacturer of 6mm tends to sell his stuff in packs that are too large to be economic, if you are using rules that use small armies.