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War Panda

“The Scottish do not wear skirts “

Yeah, except for the men.

“but kilts, a garment which not only wraps around the waist as a skirt would, but also wraps around the whole torso and goes over one shoulder – far more than a simple skirt”

Oh wow I had no idea; how foolish I feel…thanks for going into such an elaborate description that clarifies that kilts are in fact not just skirts but are skirts that can also be worn as semi shoulderless dresses…wow I’m shocked…I’m shocked you actually wanted to air this info!!!

if the Irish even bothered to wear clothes, but at every important Dark Age social event (battle) they kept turning up buck-naked

The Irish were proud to show the wee Scots what real men look like ….there’s a lot of debate of whether this was what actually led the Scottish “men” to adopt the skirt/dress since they they resembled their women folk more than their Celtic neighbors

As for the Irish building houses out of “sh#t” well is this from the same historical source as your post on Vikings founding Melbourne and riding kangaroos into battle?





“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad,
For all their wars are merry, and all their songs are sad.”