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Just Jack


Thanks man, I appreciate it.  Yeah, these games are different from Cuba Libre in scope and scale. Regarding scale, I’ve been playing 1″ equals 25 yards, so my 5′ x 4′ is 1500 x 1200 yards, which is still kind of small but is doing okay.


Regarding scope, in terms of breaking point, I’m really not messing around with them.  For these games, I’m really treating this as a war of extermination. yes, prisoners have been taken at the small-unit level, but in the overall scheme of things, both sides are going for broke.

NATO is fighting to save civilization, with nowhere to fall back to (in the theater/strategic sense, to say nothing of the countries literally fighting for their homes), while the Societs are banking their whole existence on this desperate gambit to push NATO into the sea (I’ve gotta believe they’ve been told NATO was preparing to strike, thus a preemptive war was necessary).

In this particular fight, the Soviets are dug in with nowhere to go (please note the infantry don’t have vehicles), while Team Whiskey is basically on a kamikaze mission. So yeah man, hellacious carnage as both sides neither give nor expect quarter.

It’s been a lot of fun, with one more on the way. I only got one game in this weekend, probably do another two-parter batrep.