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Rod Robertson

The War Panda (and anyone else for that matter):

In all seriousness this is great stuff you have posted and it has caused me to resolve to get off my backside and order the four 28mm forces which I will start with. They will be:

  1. Late Dark Age Scots Army using Crusader Miniatures figures.
  2. Late Dark Age Medieval Irish Army using Crusader Miniature figures.
  3. Late Dark Age Viking Army using undetermined figures at this point – Wargames Foundry look good.
  4. Early Medieval North American Skraeling Army using CP and Footsore Miniatures.

My questions to you are three:

  1. Should I invest in 4 point or 6 point armies?
  2. What SAGA books/products are needed to play these armies and what products can I get away without buying?
  3. What kinds of terrain and landscape features do you recommend I look into making/ purchasing?

Thanks in advance for your counsel.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.