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War Panda

Bow wow!!! Bow, wow, wow, bow….

Let’s get real here.

Jack we have been friends in the past. And then enemies. Then back to friends. Then really bitter enemies. Then acquaintances. Then deadly enemies. After reading this I am forced to put aside all our many differences: You are a pretend solider. I am a mighty Celtic warrior with an extensive history playing soccer (not mixed…unless you include Scots)  You were born in the US of A. You live in Texas. I was born in Ireland. I do not live in Texas. Your lovely family has been forced (presumably against their will) to stay and live in Texas. I on the other hand have moved my family (against their will) to a part of Canada that has fewest Scots. All of these things considered it is obvious that I am your natural superior in every way and yet..

After reading this AAR I have become your humble servant (not too humble) and friend.

Being serious for a change:

Jack, you are an amazing person that goes to massive length’s to educate and entertain. This is an amazing report. Amazing photos; I agree with Sparker and Blue: the forest are delicious but not deciduous. I can understand the pine trees on stands (they in the heart of the battle zone and may need to be moved?)

Getting more serious:

These reports are getting so damn good I feel my own efforts are a sham and a cartoonish representation of war. (and that’s exactly what they are) I genuinely feel educated and inspired as I read.

Getting mad serious:

You produce the best AAR’s I’ve read.

Getting ridiculously serious:

Please bring back the troll bridge and silly hills so I can mock you

I actually have a question (if your still reading..)

“I know, I’ll have the two TOWs sprint north (left), where they can set up to engage Soviets coming ’round the north (gap in trees at top center), or fire into the flank of Soviets pushing up the middle (gap in trees off camera to right).  A great plan potentially, but the TOWs sprinted and didn’t make it to cover.”

So I see the plan but I’m slightly confused why you did what you did? This is I presume the random “friction” mechanism of the rules kicking in?

Jack, you’re a seriously selfless individual that tirelessly gives to the community of wargamers . I’m really glad you do. In regards to creating a batrep I wish I had the knowledge and experience of war that you do. But everyday I thank God that there are individuals like you that meant that I never had to gain the knowledge and experience of war that you did.

BTW the models are so well painted and look just great at this level of wargame…I’m getting that itch to start 6mm or 10mm microgaming but I don’t have the will to strart another project…next year 😉

Thanks again for this brilliant report

“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad,
For all their wars are merry, and all their songs are sad.”