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Steve Burt

I also started with WRG (4th edition, then 5th and 6th).  Played DBA, DBM, DBMM, WAB, Armati, Warmaster Ancients, C&C Ancients, Neil Thomas AMW and lately Field of Glory

FoG is not bad – a bit dry, but gives a good game. I like DBMM but unless you play it regularly, it’s impossible to remember (or maybe that is just me).

However, we recently tried a new set called Sword & Spear. This uses a very nice activation mechanism with both players involved in each phase. A very interesting set of rules; units have  a fixed frontage, so I was able to use by sabot bases which take 4 DBx/FoG bases (or 6 for large units), which speeds up the game a lot as you are never moving individual bases. We completed a first game with 14 or so units a side (so around 200 figures a side), Gauls v Romans, and that took about 2.5 hours.

Pretty impressed with these rules; lots of interesting decision points. Details here http://polkovnik.moonfruit.com/