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Yes, I’ve been playing War and Conquest since it came out and all of my gaming group have switched over to it from WAB.  However given that it calls for figure removal and Henry is intending to use the smaller scales, it might not be for him.  More generally though, I feel it improves over WAB in a number of ways.  Combat is simpler and follows a more logical order of roll to hit, roll to save, roll to wound.  Combat effectiveness of personalities is toned down from WAB and they are often better giving you command benefits than being placed in a unit.  They add a number of additional ‘strikes’ for the unit in melee, but as per the unit’s own stats, so if they are part of a unit, it had better be an elite one rather than a unit of levy (as it should be)!  Finally, the turn system is IGO UGO, but with the possibility of changing order each round, so there is the possibility of an IGO UGO; UGO IGO sequence (this can be modified with expendable command points known as Strategy Intervention Points).  This makes the development of the battle far less predictable and really adds an element of excitement to the pre-turn phase.

One can nit-pick about various aspects: our group is frustrated by the fact that phalangites seem consistently outclassed by hoplites;  I have also heard others complain about the missile effectiveness of large units of skirmishers, but overall I think W&C gives a really good game and we are pleased to have made the change fromWAB, which we’d played for ten years or so.