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Rod Robertson

Holy Cow, Panda! I think you have a man-crush! Might I point out that Alberta is the Canadian province most like Texas, so you’re not that different from Just Jack, you old cowboy-wannabe!


Don’t think I’m not getting back to you about TW Bat. Rep. 4. I am dying to read it but I’m saving it for when I can savour it and dissect it with my usual forensic, fine-toothed comb. And despite the Panda’s shameless toadying and obsequious fawning, the kernel of truth in that syrupy, saccharine deluge of misguided Irish idolatry is that your games and reports are without equal and we all appreciate your tireless efforts and unbridled enthusiasm to share your joy of wargaming. So, I too will take this opportunity to once again salute you and thank you for your weekly ‘going of the extra distance’ to provide us all with such excellent offerings. You never skate, you always run full out and you kick in the door every time. A big BZ to you, Marine!

Cheers and Great Gaming!

Rod Robertson.