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Just Jack

Kyote – Yeah man, it was pretty wild.  I think the rear guard still did get chewed up, but managed to do their job.

Panda – These games have been a blast.  Everyone knows I like the small scale, small board games, but these have been a great change of pace from my normal stuff.  It’s been a lot of fun having so many units on the table, and I’ve really enjoyed the fighting while grossly outnumbered.

Regarding Saga: I understand busy, no sweat man.  I just need someone to explain to me who’s who and what’s what, very high-level.  Not too high-level; I get that there’s two sets of guys that don’t like each other and are going to fight.  But what are troop types and capabilities, how do they go about doing what they do.  What are the tactics/tactical challenges, i.e., what are we doing other than ‘you guys run over there and kill those guys’?