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surely you_jest

Hello all,

I started playing with the old airfix plastic models firing matchsticks at them with a model field gun, building houses and forts out of lego – ah the good old days!. I bought my first proper wargaming models from a long deceased shop in Sheffield, two boxes of 15mm zulus and painted up some british. Using wrg rules, I believe, I introduced some of my mates to the joys of wargaming. I then bought some 25mm minifig napoleonics but I could never find any one who was remotely interestd and I was too young to drive to the local games club which was miles away so i ended up playing quote a few SPI and Avalon Hill games with mates, plus the usual board games. I have also played DnD since it first came out and I still play today with my grown up step kids who I introduced when they were nippers.

I’ve had a dabble with dba and dbm and bought a Macedonian successor army but again its hard to find players without committing to a club and time always seems to be lacking to devote the same evening every week. I found my old napoleonics in the attic a few months ago and decided to re-paint and get some recent rules and play with myself. I’ve found the painting *very* time consuming though, what with the reams of advice on t’internet and the high quality that seems to be de rigueur with any pics you see, but the recent rules seem a lot better than the original rules and I’m hoping to play some songs of drums and shakos and some sharpe practise once I have some nice scenery and some finished figures.

I’ve got to buy ( and paint ) some french though and am stuck as to which manufacturer. I would buy minifig again but the details are not as good as, say, Perry, but I am going to finish painting all my existing lead beofer I buy any more! I am also planning on buying some 6mm and playing some larger action games – snappy nappy and grand armee look very good.

Anyway, hello everyone!