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Rod Robertson

Just Jack:

A very exciting and well written report so far. The images of the Soviet flying columns barreling along road and into the US kill zone were ominous and foreboding. I thought that the Soviets would suffer far more heavy casualties right off the bat. But they didn’t and the battle has developed into one hellova fight. Looking forward to part two where I am going in a few hours so until then I have just one question. What are you basing your infantry on? Are the washers? Pennies? Electric box slugs? You have probably mentioned this already but I have forgotten. Despite all the micro vehicles I have, I own no infantry like yours and therefore I need to buy, paint and mount bunches of micro troops before I can restart large scale actions once again. I blame you and you inspiring reports and also Ivan and his interesting rules for this new burden which I must take up! But this is gladly a cross I’d bear, …., rather than” Gladly – the cross-eyed bear”!?! Sorry for the mental tangent there, and I must learn to choose my words more carefully! Keep up the inspiring work as it is always appreciated and enjoyed here in the frozen north.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.