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Rod Robertson

Just Jack:

Thanks for the background. I am impressed that you have walked upon the hallowed ground of Iwo Jima and stood upon Mt. Suribachi. Those were iron men who fought over that infernal landscape and it’s a wonder that so many survived. So, have you ever read Butler’s account of fighting for Standard Oil in China? You should have read of his very short but also very revealing book “War is a Racket”. You might also consider looking into his role in exposing the “Business Plot” against FDR in 1933-35. It’s a fascinating story and was largely suppressed by the US Government until a clerical error released the transcripts of Butler’s testimony to the Senate Comittee on Un-American Activities many years after the fact.

It’s funny that you mention Dan Daly. My mum’s brother, a 93 year old ex Coast Guard sailor and Sandy Hook Pilot married Alice Daly. One of the on-going debates in the family was whether the patriarch of this Daly clan named John Daly was the same John Daly who was the father of the famous Marine. At the time of hearing this debate I was a disinterested child and I had all but forgotten about it until you mentioned his name above. I have no idea whether he was related to “our Dalys” but my sweet and delightful ‘Grandma Daly’ always speculated that he was. She was born in the late 1890’s, so she might have even met him, but by the time I was exposed to these stories she was ill, infirmed and a little bit unreliable in the memories department. So the jury is still out on the Daly claim to fame.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.