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Thanks very much for that interesting response.

Its a campaign that still has a number of ‘myths’ that persist and Zetterlings book tries to punch a few holes in these. His book is important as I think it started a wave of books and historians who took the time to re-evaluate the campaign and his book really started a new wave of far more critical attention being payed to the campaign and a flow of new and revised views on the battle.

What are your recommendations of more modern material for further reading?

I also happen to believe that German tank crews, like all tank crews and fighter pilots, over claimed and the German propaganda machine and the Wehrmacht actively allowed this to happen. Otto Carius himself stated that German kill counts were inflated.

Zetterling only uses the claims to establish proportions of kills rather than numbers.  Do you think that German AFV crews were encouraged to inflate their kill numbers more than other potential German tank-killers?

I believe Zetterling’s book started us down that road, and to his credit, his work still remains a very useful tool and valid resource.

I wholeheartedly agree with this: a fascinating book.