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Jonathan Gingerich


Well that’s a relief.  Got the late line and guard cavalry completed from information from Leonov, Popov, and Kibovsky.  Some interesting bits and confirmation about a lot of nagging questions – the lancer pennants, the guard light cavalry epaulets, cords, and pompons, and so forth.  And some new puzzles.  How many chevrons did the trumpeters have on their sleeves?  I knew I was getting done when the number of notes started rising again.  At first, the information from LPK was simplifying things and I was able to remove some of my speculative notes.  But then I got to the nitty-gritty details and they started rising again.  When I started this project, I was pretty must just grabbing anything and everything that Viskovatov didn’t cover.  But now I have to impose my own judgement on things.  Does a new “fact” go in the text? go in the notes? or maybe make it into a comment in the html?-)  For example, LPK contend that the L-g. Lancers never got copper red buttons because they never showed up on the expense report.  But then they scheme them with L-g. star badges on the pouches, which would be copper red.  You are very unlikely to ever  confirm this  with other evidence, and what there is is rather thin.  So notes or not?  (I attached it to a similar note…;-)

Well, almost complete.  Turns out the L-g. saddlecloths used guard lace – the red tape with yellow “checks” (mascles).  Actually there is one Viskovatov print of this, but I tend to concentrate on the later period and wasn’t conscious of this.  The lace didn’t go to plain yellow until 1811, so I have some challenging graphics work if I want to meet current standards.

Speaking of which, I finally took a hard look at Viskovatov’s Horse Jaeger plate, and discovered that, indeed, he was wearing his pouch belt underneath the separate bandolier for the carbine, and then I realized only the Dragoons had lost the metal bits off the bandolier/pouch belts, not the Cuirassiers.  Okay, that’s how I have my fun.  Beats arguing about Berezina with blockheads.