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Small update because not really all that much progress is being made.

More blue going on and a techmarine is starting to emerge. Managed to settle on adding the chequerboard patterns and a helmet stripe but not down the beak. Going pretty well so far, I think I will have to add some mud splatter on the feet and legs, helps give some contrast. The general (lovable) wonkeyness of these figures makes them way more fun to paint than newer model space marines I’ve found. Lots of nice little details like pouches but no ornate decorative bits except on officers. The lack of chest eagles is quite nice and really signifies the different character of these old models. I guess I’ll have to write KIL KIL KIL on someone though and some other little icons/writings in places (only proper after all).

Still plenty to do to finish off even just this handful, though a limited colour-pallet certainly has helped speed production. Gotten too used to no-uniform stuff and camo, which really slows down painting compared to blocks of colour plus detailing.