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Nick the Lemming

It’s the only game in which I managed an easy win at the very start of turn 2. We played CWC a few times, but some of the scenarios are so one sided that it just wasn’t any fun for any of us. The one I remember most is having BAOR against Russians, I had to race to the end of the table to get off table while the Russians were chasing me. In my first turn I advanced, advanced again, then advanced again because of the C&C system and the BAOR high C&C factors. The Russian player managed one action before the turn passed back to me (and was still out of range after he’d moved since his tanks were slower than mine). The first action of the secodn turn, I ha almost all my force leave the table for the win. If I’d pushe dit, I could possibly have won in the first turn before the Russians even got the chance to take an action.


Not for us.