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I’d like to win it because my head hurts.

And I play moderns stuff. And enjoy reading things. And can’t think of something clever to put here, or how to organise this into some form of poem. Because I have a headache. I don’t think the book would make a good painkiller though. Ironically the game Painkiller is also very bad at pain killing due to be fast, flashy and loud. Really good FPS though. The Hell & Damnation remake was pretty mediocre though, cut out way too many of the original levels, though did add co-op and that was good. I should replay that game. But I’d be replaying the Black Edition though, that was the best version. The expansion games were largely quite bad unfortunately, I think all but the first were just mods that got made into full releases. The one with the demon guy protagonist I think worked well because it had a good sense of humour to it, where as the others tended to take this running around in purgatory/hell with over-the-top weaponry fighting crazy monster daemons far too seriously. Shadow Warrior (2013 version) nailed that humour perfectly whilst still telling a really good and surprisingly serious story and also fighting monster daemons (but from the shadow realm, not Hell), great game and I hope the sequel is as good. Honestly looking forward to that more than any of the big-name releases of the next few months.