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Otto Schmidt

I do Imagi-Nations .  It allows for lots of silliness and burlesque in a silly hobby by nature, and drives away the Osprey Nazi’s. My primary interest is in the 18th Century where I have five. The Princessipate of Saxe Burlap und Schleswig Beerstein,  The Kingdom of Bad Zu Wurst, Gulagia (with it’s capitol at Gulaggins Island ) , Flounce, and the Grand Duchy of the Grand Duke of Gorgonzola, and the Empire of Ikea (you know, Ottomans, Divans, Wet Bars). Oh wait, that’s six.

Once one us unconstained the imagination can truly soar.  Revently for my Empire of Ikea I completed my three Bennenjerry regiments (Janissary figures painted in sherbert colors and for them I created one-man bands for the front rank.  Drums on their back, symbols between their knees, a brace of horns and harmonica on a ring around the head, and an accordion in front, with a mast with gongs and bells rising above them.  For my Army of the princess I am working on her personal cavalry regiment, a unit of female figures riding “en hussard”. The musician on that figure I made out of an old Unicorn a friend gave me, and she’s another one-man band figure, drum on the back, but is carrying a huge pole with a large rack of 24 cow bells on rungs above. (Damn! those things are hard to carve out of basswood). and a keyboard on the right.  I call the unit “The Hells Belles”.