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Good question and one that vexes me often. I had a huge collection of 25mm Minifigs, most of which I had painted as a kid. But they looked so small, uniform, and just plain old fashioned compared to the new 28mm stuff thats come out since. Whilst my mates don’t see an issue, to my mind they just look second rate. So I have sold off pretty much my entire French and Bavarian collection and replaced them with professionally painted plastics with the proceeds. I am keepingĀ  my Russians however until I have enough plastics to stage the ridiculously large games I am addicted to…

I just can’t bear to get rid of my early painted British minifigs though, so they soldier on…

So this rear line in this Brigade column are Minifigs 23rd Royal Welch Fuzileers – actually in this shot they don’t look too diminutive!

'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
Matthew 5:9