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<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>James Roach wrote:</div>
I’ve always found Blitzkrieg Commander to be great fun with good flavour. The command and control side of things works very well indeed, especially where one side is much better trained than the other. Personally, I play heavily amended Piquet and Piquet FoB house rules. Piquet is not to every ones taste but I find its unpredictability highly entertaining.

hi James, I play FoB too and like it very much. Would it be too much asking if I could have a look at your house rules? I am starting WWII in 15mm and intend to play BKCII (played a lot with 6mm a while ago) but I would love to try something else.


At the moment we are working off a couple of quick play sheets and a deck of home made cards. The rules are in their infancy and geared only to November 1941 – June 42 Western Desert. I’ll get round to writing them up at some stage. When I do, I’ll let everyone know through my blog. Whatever happens, they will only ever cover that bit (my bit) of the war.


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