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Leon Pendraken

This is the confirmed list of games attending the Battleground show this year!


Brompton BankersThe Moventes Digito of St Bromptius – Dark Ages game using Lion Rampant rules where the defenders are preventing a holy relic from being stolen.

Durham Wargames Group – Giant 54mm Plancenoit display game!

Generals and Kings – A WWII game, Germans vs French, using the Battlegroup Blitzkrieg rules.

Independent Wargames Group – 30mm SYW Battle of Rossbach game, using Black Powder rules.

Lancaster Cellarmen – 28mm English Civil War, the Battle of Rounday Down, using paper soldiers!

Pendraken Miniatures / Steve Hardy – Demo game of our new Warband rules, with Pendraken figures!

Redcar IronbeardsHolding the Bridge, Holland 1944 – American paratroopers are attempting to prevent a German Kampfgruppe from capturing a vital river crossing.

Reidy & Son! – 10mm Napoleonic game, an 1809 scenario using the Blucher rules.

Tyneside Wargames Club – The Battle of Waterloo in 10mm on a rather large table!

Westerhope Wargames Group – Fast moving, colourful Colonial Sudan game in 25mm.

Yorkshire Coast Gamers – A 28mm Waterloo game using the DBN rules!


Border Reivers – A Mexican Revolution participation game where you can take your chances and see if you can survive!

Consett Tabletop Gamers Society – Spaghetti Western inspired skirmish games, using Dead Man’s Hand rules!  Games take around 45 minutes.

Cozzmic CakesCupcake Wars!  The aim of the game is to shoot one of the cupcakes using only your trusty tank, a blast template and dice. Some cupcakes are more than meets the eye with special additional prize stickers on the bottom. But you don’t know what you get until you have blown it up!

Guisborough GamersShoot out in ‘Serenity City’ – Old West Shoot-‘Em Up!

Monty’s Wargaming World / TFL – Red Dawn, the upcoming Cold War supplement to the Too Fat Lardies’ Chain of Command rules.

River HorseTerminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game!  The desperate mission to protect Sarah Connor may be well documented, but the War against the Machines has its own heroes.  Tell their tales with the Terminator Genisys Miniatures game!  Lead the resistance force of Humanity’s last and most stubborn rebels or a cadre of remorseless killing machines to vie for control of the world!

Scarborough Games – Participation games of Lord of the Rings!

Scarborough Games – Participation games of Warhammer 40k!

Website: http://www.battlegroundshow.co.uk/%5B/url%5D
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BattlegroundShow?ref=hl

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