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Avatar photoJust Jack

Shaun –  “I am not one for suspense….”
You’re spoiled 😉

Kyote – “…Team Whiskey will be no more…..”
Oh ye of little faith.

Rod – “…may I suggest you now do a series…”
You may not.  Besides, I thought you were going to do the 10-fight series for the Soviets and post here for all of us to peruse 😉

Kyote – “Ben’s US troops are doing a lot better…”
Yeah, but Ben’s been playing the Soviets!  So we’re both in the same boat ;

I just got home from work; we’ve got tons of rain so the games tonight and tomorrow are cancelled.  I’m about to head upstairs to take down the last fight and set up the next one, then come back down to start typing part 2 of batrep 9.  Almost there…