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Lagartija Mike

@GMinshaw: I admit it, it’s my secret purple shame! I kinda love the idea of a huge, sluggish herd of coerced homo troglodytus slumping toward Delphi. And, yes, as a custom motorcycle guy with a taste for flamboyant but user-repellent ergonomics I can’t say no to scythed chariots.

@ALoGaul: Good question. Since I despise “power armies” in general I’m assuming I’d go toward something after the failures in Greece. I’m fascinated with the kardakes, why they kept them (whatever exactly they were) when their performance was so reliably terrible. I’ve never understood the Achaemenid inability to maintain a solid core of close fighting infantry on the hoplite rather than the aristabara model when there were several groups within their empire that had either direct experience of the form or, in the case of the Egyptians, Indians and some Mesopotamians, roughly similar structures.