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Graham Knight

Hi Henry, well you do play early Desert so getting stomped on as the Brit is historically up to the mark, tactically. I would get worried if it were consistently against an Italian Army.

I like the early war British tanks even if they are a little clunky and have all the armour of a baked bean tin. They have an elegance all their own, even in 1/285th.

BKC are good for Desert games, they can easily be made armour and artillery centric, and allow battalion and brigade attacks to play nicely, even on a relatively small table. My other recommendation would be Dave Brown’s PanzerGrenadier Deluxe.  At 6 or 7 tanks to the squadron a large engagement can be fielded, and with some easily assimilated mechanisms play can be quite fast and brutal.  I use the 1st and 2nd editions at 15 and 28mm. Bt 1/285th should be no problem, in fact I may go and try  the new edition out for myself this evening.