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Thaddeus Blanchette

No, not even slightly Hunter S. Thompson. I am a HST fanatic and know the man’s style well. It wasn’t gothic and it never slipped into purple prose. Rambling? Yes. Shocking at times? To certain people, yes. But Thompson was an old sports hack: even when he was being descriptive, he pared those sentences down too the bone. You won’t find many adjectives there and those that you do find are generally pretty common. And Hunter was so bleeding edge in his control of slang that you could cut your wrists on his prose.

I can see where you’re going with Lovecraft, but this is more Miéville (who is also cadging from Lovecraft): big, gushing, multiple adjectives with a decided penchant for the Victorian turn of phrase.

If LM isn’t China, he’s definitely learned a lot from him.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!