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John D Salt

Almost fifty types of armor meticulously graded against weapon types in a coma-inducing detonation of 1000kt granularity.

I didn’t think granularity came in tonnes.

{Wibbly visual effects indicate that we are experiencing a flashback}

Many years ago, when I was working on Battlespace Situational Awareness Tools before there were any Battlespace Situational Awareness Tools, at a now-defunct research establishment whose identity I shall conceal behind the impenetrable pseudonym Fort Hatstand, I tried to introduce a standard unit of granularity. The idea was to use it to identify the smallest amount of detail a battlespace picture would contain — platoon, company, battalion, what do you want, sir? This would have had the benefit of avoiding confusion between “company a counter” and “a company on the table” for wargamers, too. However the term “granularity” was not as popular then as now (other than to describe things made of grains), so I conceived this as a measure of aggregation (from the Latin grex, gregis, a flock — not to be confused with flocculation, which is more about fluffiness). Such a unit could not be derived from the SI base units, but, modelling my proposed unit’s name on the tradition of the “calorie” for heat and the “caudalie” for a wine’s length, I proposed it be called the “gregorie”. 0 gregories referred to individuals, 1 gregorie to fireteam/vehicle crew, 2 gregories to section, 3 to platoon, and so on.


My erstwhile employers didn’t go for the idea, though. Harrumph.

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