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Otto Schmidt

Dear List


The problem may be a collision of megalomania and disappointment. This idea of doing waterloo on a one to one leads you guys to go for these tiny mm (less than 15mm) armies to get the numbers, but the results of no matter how much work you put into it must be disappointing as you can’t see that much. Sorry, not trying to be insulting, but you can plan to make as grandiose a plan as you wish but if you wind up with something that looks like mottled textured wallboard at the end of it, what’s the point?  It’s why I never left 25-30mm. Yeah, I don’t get to do all of Tannenberg (doesn’t matter if it’s WWI or the Middle Ages) but what I got looks nice.

I  never do skirmish gaming either. Lots of figures on the table. As I said in other posts, slow, patient effort.