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Guy Farrish

I started off with 25mm (long time ago!) French Napoleonics.

I’d collected and painted about 300 foot and 100 cavalry and 6 guns and suddenly realised that at the scale  of figs to real men I was using and the size of battle I wanted to fight and the time it took me to paint a unit, I would be about ready…well now! But then I realised that even if I did, I’d be most unlikely ever to have the size of table available to play the battles I wanted – so I abandoned (and eventually sold) all the 25mm and started on 6mm with a set of rules and resolution that allowed me to play ‘proper’ games based on ‘proper’ Napoleonic battle sizes. So a few thousand figures later (and definitely more at the wallboard end of painting than Michael’s) I am a happy gamer (with plans for more 6mm figures and armies in the Napoleonic period.)

The point of this gratuitous rambling?

Michael you should have stayed with 6mm Napoleonics and gone for c30 figs per brigade. Waterloo on a 6’x4′ with room to spare for the Prussians or Grouchy to arrive!


As for other realisations I am never going to be bothered finishing a project/period/scenario – too many to mention! Lots of sales as a result – and no regrets either. I still have Italian Wars figures from c1977 however that have only started fighting in the last 10 years; so laying down a few figs isn’t always a disaster either.