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Not Connard Sage

One of benefits of this site (as opposed to others) is that you can mention Lester Bangs or Mieville or Lorca and expect to be understood. @Kyote: Is Minairons the best venue for this period stuff?


Lester Bangs has been dead for over 30 years. I remember his obituary in the NME, you’d have thought royalty had died, or at least someone famous. As a scathing critic of contemporary pop culture, I find him strangely lacking. Probably because he hasn’t written any scathing critiques of contemporary pop culture for over 30 years.

Mieville? Meh. And who calls their son China? Apart from addled wannabe hippies.

Lorca is one of Leonard Cohen’s inspirations though, and I like Cohen so it’s all OK.


Pass me the plywood violin.

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