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Those are lovely Norman foot and knights you have painted there. I really like the skin tones and shadowing that you have created on the faces. Beautiful work that, so well done. Also as others have pointed out fine shields and armour/helmets. Thank you for posting these and please post more. I can learn a lot from studying your work.

Cheers Rod, not so brilliant but they will do. I didn’t have any contemporaries to learn painting from but I did study what I saw in the magazines (MW and Mil Mod in those days) and although I didn’t know exactly how the painters did it I had the images engraved in my mind, so when I lucked across something that gave the right outcome I knew straight away what was going on, so I heartily recommend your approach. Unfortunately I still experiment every time I sit down to paint which slows me down and is a bit of a pain, but I just cant help myself.

The faces here are a very basic technique which gives a good outcome without tons of layering or jiggery pokery, it really is dead simple. I will take some photos next time and try and write a short tute to accompany them.

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