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Lagartija Mike

I can’t address your favorite rule system since, for reasons best known to you, you’ve chosen to retain an air of mystery about them. My argument was less about the degrees of effectiveness between bronze and the generally poor ironwork of the age of the Diadochi (it’s hardly the stuff of Damascus or Toledo, much less in its mass produced product) and more about ethnic and cultural biases lurking in our hobby.

While my tastes and my rules certainly do run to the granular I wasn’t pimping my rules (which in any case are at least several months from publication), neither was I arguingĀ from them. It was an observation based on as informed a knowledge of Mesopotamian military technology and practices as can be reasonably obtained.

I’m a little pressed for time but here are a few volumes with relevant information :

A Political History of Eshnunna, Mari and Assyria during the Early Old Babylonian Period by Yuhong Wu

The Uruk World System: Dynamics of Expansion by G. Algae

The Amorites of the Ur III Period by Giorgio Buccellati

Umma in the Sargonic Period by Benjamin Foster

Letters to the King of Mari by Wolfgang Heimpel

…..no one’s idea of comprehensive but a good start.