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Not so much lost and found, but tossed and ransomed. A bit over a decade ago, having basically dumped a career in architecture for a (years) long binge with opiates and fuzz boxes I decided my library, my croaking academic albatross, must be destroyed. In the course of a month I either gave away or sold for pennies almost my whole collection, including beautiful Frank Pape illustrated copies of James Branch Cabell and first edition Dunsanys with the Sidney Sime plates. In the last few years I’ve been buying them back, slowly and expensively. Yet when the dust settled a few great things survived the carnage: a copy of the original D&D God book with the Melnibonean and Cthulhu pantheons; all three volumes of the Arduin Grimoire; and, best of all, a box containing the entire Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.