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Thaddeus Blanchette

Hmmm. Well, I played Old School straight out of “Charge” and I always had my figures mounted on trays, as the rules suggested.

That said, Old School tends to have the following charateristics, in my opinion (note that word “tends”: it’s there for a reason):

1) No flocking: bases and table painted or draped with an intense green.
2) Big figures: 20mm at least.
3) Few figure poses.
4) ImagiNations.
5) simple rules that make for a quick and easy game, as opposed to a simulation.
6) Big battalions of individuallynposed figures.

Obviously, my 6mm set-up will be to Old School as hipsters are to hippies: there’s a decided resemblance and ancestry, but the new stuff is different.

Foind my green today, by the way. A big jar of what is called “Light English Green”. If it isn’t “Tarragon Glory 2”, it is a close cousin.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!