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Otto Schmidt

Dear Mike


Sorry, not here.  At “Fall-In!” which was this past weekend ,  my wife was helping me set up the game and take it down. She fielded some questions from gamers. She doesn’t play, but has edited my rules so many times she knows them by heart and can explain them. She’s wondrously supportive of the hobby and helps with a lot of the organizational and grunge work on my “The Weekend” convention we hold in Lancaster in June. In fact,  she and several other war game wives (some of whom are gamers) go on junkets when we are out there to shopping outlets, and restaurants and have sort of a “Ladies Auxiliary” for the group. Whenever other non-wargame wives ask about the hobby and how she puts up with it, she says “Puleeze! It’s great! It keeps him off the streets and out of the bars.” When her friends at work once were shocked that she let me to go conventions alone, (they were worried about hookers at the conventions) she told them that she’d been to the conventions…. “I’ve never seen so many fat, bald, sweaty, white men in one place in my life– and if any prostitute came up and propositioned them they’d say “$100!  I can get three whole regiments for that!”

My wife is very supportive of the hobby. One day when I was about to leave with a bunch of friends she asked me if I was packed and hadn’t forgotten anything.  She then asked..


Dorothy: “Did you take money?”

Otto: “Yeah I’ve got about $1000

Dorothy: (in a slightly worried tone) “Are you sure that’s enough? Do you want more?