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Jonathan Gingerich

Well it’s been a while.  Almost through the early cavalry.  Not much new on the Cuirassiers or Dragoons.  But a bit on the Lancers.  The most interesting of which is that in 1802 there was an order to differentiate each of the 10 squadrons of the Polish and the Lithuania-Tatar with their own pattern of pennant.  Furthermore, the two regiments were distinguished by the color of the lance shaft – black wood color for the Polish and red wood color for the Lithuania-Tatar. Now the word for shaft “drevko” and the word for wood “derevo” are quite similar.  So I’m thinking that perhaps the red shafts of the Don Cossack lances were more properly red wood shafts?  Certainly a red stained finish would seem more economical than all that paint…  Unfortunately LPK does not cover the irregulars, so it’s an open question…