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Just Jack

Eh, mine aren’t better painted, your eyes just ain’t what they used to be, and you imagine mine to be better than yours because I’m younger 😉

Back to the Middle East?  Hmmm, I’m not sure, actually.  I painted these up a couple months ago, and I still haven’t decided what’s up next.  I need to hurry though, I’ve got too much to do to just be sitting around!  But I was sick as a dog this past weekend and didn’t get anything wargame-related done…

And regarding your QRF 90s infantry, I may have to trade you for my Rebel Minis US infantry.  For the life of me I can’t get Geoff (or anyone else from QRF) to respond to me!  I’ve been on this quest since July 2nd; I’ve sent about 25 messages via different routes to various members of QRF, and I’ve gotten about five responses.  The last I heard from QRF they 1) were going to put the 90s US infantry back up on their web page for sale (hasn’t happened), and 2) had received my list of troops I wanted to order and would get back to me (they haven’t).  Both of those happened two months ago.

So what’s the scoop, Old Man?  I’m a likeable guy, right?  Certainly not bad enough that somebody wouldn’t want to take my money 😉