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Rod Robertson


Thanks for posting this. It will be very helpful.

Strangely I’m doing most of what you’re doing but I think I know what my problems are. First I primer my figures with matte black enamel paint, then I dry brush them with grey and then white paint. Then I lay down the medium flesh base coat. Then comes a fleshy tan wash over the medium flesh. Then the eyes get painted and this is where things begin to go awry. I suck at painting eyes. After the eyes I highlight the high points on the face and shadow the darker bits. Then some dark flesh for the upper orbital cavity, the lips and the nares and if necessary a red and dark flesh combination for the open mouth and any recent wounds. Ivory or antique white for the teeth if any are visible. Finally a light wash with a mixture of burnt umber and black for filth and grime. What I end up with either looks good to me (33% of the time) or looks like a bug-eyed transvestite who overdoes the make-up (67%). When I do this on 54mm or 70mm figures things generally look good. But 25-30mm defeats me.

So I’ll try priming in white or painting the flesh white before following  your process. And then we’ll see if there is any hope that my 28mm Saga armies will look natural like your figures or like cast-offs from a particularly tough New Orleans Mardi Gras parade float!

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.