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Just Jack

Kyote – I sent you an e-mail.

Rod – Now you’re the Bastid!  I just give Kyote hell ’cause he’s an old hippie hillbilly, but you, it’s personal.  It took me awhile, but I’ve finally noted that you take the opposite position to mine, no matter what it is, now even extending to ISIS!  So far you’ve taken up with Poles, French, Castro-regime Cubans, Soviets, and now the Caliphate.  I suppose you weren’t paying attention back when I did my “In Country” and “All Americans” campaigns, but if you’re willing to back ISIS there’s not doubt you’d have found some kind words for the VC/NVA and Wehrmacht 😉

What is it with you wanting to see me get my butt kicked on the tabletop?  I think it’s simply insane jealousy directed at me due to my laymen’s knowledge of technology which allows me my sparklingly beautiful blog.  I told you I’d help you out; come on, you need something to prove you’re actually a wargamer and not just a wargaming forum critic 😉

Oh, and “…up against American Special Forces claiming to be Cubans.”  You can’t prove that, and history is written by the victors, which, in this case, are the true patriots and devotees of the Cuban cause 😉