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I keep my own figures very simple as in the above, commission then I go overboard with 5-7 layers, glazes etc etc.

Keep the base coat flesh a fairly light tone, the flesh wash stage can be used to compensate if you think it is still too light after the first pass.

So for example if I use a light fair skin base coat and then make the “flesh wash” pass and think it is too light I will go ahead and do the first highlight  using the base, put in the cheek rose and lips ( exactly as described above) .  But before I go on to the second highlight I make an additional wash pass then go on to do the second highlight but this time using the base without lightening it up a notch.

Cost in time is a second pass of flesh wash between the first and second highlight, too easy!

Just muck around with the flesh paint and washes you have available until you have the right combo, it will work!


Used three wash passes with highlighting after each with the original basecoat, reduced the area of the highlighting on each stage. Final highlight was base coat with a tiny point of ivory as a final touch


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