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Lagartija Mike

@AMolethrottler: True. And the original 6 and 7th edition WRG lists (and their Warrior descendants) are themselves pretty shaky, especially once you leave Europe behind (though Warrior’s attempt at Mesoamerican lists at least tries, as far as they go, for some depth). Gush’s old Renaissance lists are essentially useless for anything other than Europe, and his Ming list is a triumph of received bias and sloppy scholarship. I’m in the (long) process of compiling lists for my rules and I know how difficult it is, especially when information is rare, incomplete or contradictory (or all three), but if you’re going to take the game seriously (and give a minimum amount of respect to a hill of old, dead people) you need to put in the work.

@Noel: Also true. But if you’re willing to put some effort into it worthwhile sources are out there for many of even the obscurist peoples.