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Allen Curtis

<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Allen Curtis wrote:</div>
After the fiasco that wound up WAB, I’ve been shifting to large “scenic” bases: first for Impetus, then for Dux Bellorum when I want something a little simpler. You may have seem my short piece in WS&S on adapting DB for other ancient periods. Allen

Hello Allen, I did not see this – which issue is it in?


It was in WS&S issue number 70, entitled “Strategos Machon”.  The main point was using DB for the Hellenistic period, but I had a bit to say about the history of ancients basing as well.  I was pleased to receive a positive comment from Dan Mersey.  Guy would like some more army lists covering Rome and the Hellenistic east.  If I live long enough…