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Jurgen Leistner

Suppression is a reaction to firepower where the people who believe that they are on the receiving end of the firepower become unable to move or react in a useful manner; it is not the same as “going to ground”, which is a tactic.

As to trading off hits for suppression in a wargame, I can see the logic behind this; given that our little metal or plastic men do not have fears and views and we cannot know what they are feeling, it can represent a target unit hiding as still as possible behind cover rather than engaging in combat, which carries an apparently greater risk of being shot.

In our rules, figures test for suppression if they just survive being shot at or or blown up; the test is based on their “<span class=”gt-card-ttl-txt” style=”direction: ltr;”>Tapferkeit</span>” rating.  We are going to explore the “trading off” idea.