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We’ve done any number of campaigns with various home-brewed and boardgame systems like House Divided and Soldier King [The latter which works well to produce interesting battles.] However, because the table top is our main interest, we have created a ‘mini-campaign’ system.

It is simply meant to generate an interesting table game with a minimum of effort and a maximum of interest.  A historical campaign is chosen and a map created of the area 20 miles X 20 miles with a grid of half mile squares.  The general locations of the forces are set according to their positions 24-48 hours before the battle, but a Napoleonic campaign could use ACW forces.   There is hidden movement a la Battleship and such, but no supply or weather  We have found the campaigns of 2nd Manassas, 1806 Jena and the start of the Franklin Campaign to be the most dynamic. Turns are 2 hours and play can be done over the phone or by email.  With about an hour of play, we can have a battle. The squares determine the tabletop area and where reinforcements come in. [The distances on the campaign map determining when and if they come in.]

Our rules were published in MWAN ages ago.