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I like to keep my gaming mechs quite simple where I can. Because units are suppressed as an adverse result to a morale challenge (where training level and elan is accounted for)  following effective fire, better units have less chance of being suppressed – they just take the casualties and keep going. They are also more easily rallied during the command phase.

Most of the troops I deal with (Western Desert Nov – Dec 1941) are all quite well motivated. Even the Italians are better than most would give them credit for; they didn’t immediately suffer sun burnt armpits in the face the enemy; their mechanised formations, amongst others, were on a par (though not in tank design) to Commonwealth formations; so many surrendered early on because they had no trucks in which to retreat and most surrendered later on because the Germans stole their trucks.

So, given these two things, it’s quite easy for me to give a simple ruling for all suppressed troops. They can’t move, forwards or back, and they get a hefty shooting penalty.

BTW. Suppressed armour only receives a can’t move forwards penalty and a marginal shooting penalty for being a bit panicky. Trucks are forced to disgorge any living cargo suppressed and must retreat at full speed until out of effective fire range. Officers are never suppressed – they are bally heroes to a man!

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