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Interesting that you mention “The Face of Battle,” James. I was just thinking about how I hadn’t read it in a while and wondering if its in audiobook form. EDIT: It is!

Suppression effects from artillery are tricky as there are number of mission types to contend with. Within the scope of a skirmish game, however, I think the Lardies are on to something with “Chain of Command” and limiting indirect fire in the game to off-board 80 mm mortars or similar.


Suppression from small arms direct fire is another animal and should be looked at differently, as mentioned above.

As for “limited effective fire” while suppressed/pinned/etc, I believe SLA Marshall reported something on the order of 10% of infantry troops actually fired their weapons in an aimed, effective manner during WWII. Dave Grossman discusses this in “On Killing.” He goes on to explain how modern training techniques have upped that percentage to the point that it’s closer to 100%.  But that might be a different discussion.

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