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Iain Fuller

Hello Ivan,

I’m actually starting an Age of Eagles project where I’m doing something similar. It is born from my obsession with the German states armies and a need to find a framework that can justify having say the late Hannoverian army fighting the Westfalian army.

It is based in an alernative history 1815 and uses the premise that a deal was struck in 1813 engineered by Metternich that meant that Napoleon abdicates and is now the King of Italy – haven’t decided wether Louis Phillipe or Louis XVIII ges the throne of France yet. To keep the Prussians in check in Germany two new countries have appeared west of the Rhine: Gd Duchy of Pfalz (ruled by Eugene de B. – he was married to a Bavarian princess after all) and Kgdm of Julich-Kleve-Berg (not sure who to give this one to) which covers the rest of the Rhineland and Westfalia not reclaimed by Hesse-Kassel and Hannover. I’ve based these on historical lands and will use the armies of Kleve-Berg and Westfalia respectively for their forces. I’m also planning on Luxembourg and Belgium being around too – Luxembourg will be about the nearest to pure imagi-nation as I’ll get but I am basing uniforms on later ones and the army on the later Bund contingent, Belgium will be based on Belgian Legion. As much as possible all units will be historical although I am making a few changes here and there – i.e increased the amount of cavalry Nassau has slightly and given them a battery of guns (they actually received them afer Waterloo as a prize) – but all sort of justified.

So just an excuse to paint up as many different forces as possible really, I’m toying with the idea of doing a blog about it.

I think the biggest heresy I might make is that I’ve always fancied building a French Restoration army……….



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