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General Slade

Hello Truscott,

I think you might be on to something with that. Last night while I was painting I listened to an old In Our Time radio programme about the Zulu nation’s rise and fall and it said before the Zulus started to build their empire warfare in the region was quite ritualistic, designed to prove the bravery of a warrior, so I guess that would help to explain why missile weapons might be frowned upon.

Hi Warren,

I had a look on the Black Hat website and I couldn’t see any Zulus.Which range are they in?  I’m planning to get them in 15mm so I will probably just use Minifigs (I use them for everything else so why change the habits of a lifetime!).  I won’t be using them as Zulus as such so I will be able to add some bows and slings if I can finds some figures that don’t look out of place next to them. In fact I’ll probably also have a king riding on an elephant because I like elephants.