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Mick Sayce

My gut feeling on the Mongols is that they would stop eventually, for much the same reason they did historically: The big man dies and they have to go back to figure out who the next one will be.I don’t do much medieval gaming but it’d be a fun exercise in any event no doubt. Remind of me playing Crusader Kings 2 on the computer. The what-if I might do in the future is a tongue-in-cheek 2nd american civil war. Communist northerners versus Theocratic southerners. Not very serious at all but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it.

Yes, that would be my take on it as well, it would only be the time of his death that would change things.


Don’t know whether you know that about the ACW, Harry Harrison, the Sci-Fi author wrote a trilogy of books about England getting involved in the ACW and getting invaded because of it. A fun read and has interesting possibilities. The book titles all start with Stars and Stripes…

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